Greetings to all Corvette lovers in the San Antonio area and Nationwide!

Why do we all love Corvettes so much? The corvette is really the sports car for everybody. When it was first introduced to the world in 1953 it wasn’t a luxury car that was only accessible to the richest people. Sure, it was expensive but it was within reach of so many Americans. That’s why it has earned it’s staying power in the automotive industry. It wasn’t a car built just for me either, there are many women who dreamed of making a Corvette their first car and they made it a reality. They have earned their place in history.

For many people, convertibles just make the stress melt away. Ever since my son Colten took his first ride in a Corvette when he was a child, he always wanted to be sitting behind the drivers seat. If I was working in the garage and lost track of him the first place I always looked was behind the wheel.

Cars have always been the American social status symbol. Many people want a way to show the world and their neighbors that you are a success. That’s why Corvette owners keep their cars polished and shiny.

For many happy couples, their first date took place in a Corvette made for two. For many of those same couples they have made Corvette culture part of their relationships.