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The New 2017 Kia Cadenza

Exterior of the new 2017 Kia Cadenza
Cars have always measured someone’s worth in the society. For a more refined look, people opt for sleek and highly designed beasts. Among them is the 2017 Kia Credenza. Yes, it is not that pricey but has more features than one could think of. It actually has those features and capabilities that one yearns for in a car. The car was revealed to the market on 16, August 2016 so they should start showing up at Classic Kia in Beaumont and Silsbee in the Texas area soon. My guess would be the end of October or early November. In the meantime you can find some great deals on the 2016 model as they are clearing out to make more room for the 2017.

Highlights of the Features on the 2017 Kia Cadenza

This lovely car has commendable features as outlined below;
Unlike its counterparts, the car has a more modernized outlook than any other Kia model. Its sleek design is what has enticed lots of buyers.

The Outer Body
Telling from its body, the car was structurally created with a design to draw your attention and for you to appreciate its subtle beauty. Well, of course, who would let such a car zoom by without even noticing?

Its headlights too are marvelous enough as they enable one drive along a dark road as they lead you and light your way to evade stumbles that might pose great danger to you. They are adjustable to allow for velocity and many other things that the 2017 Kia Cadenza is capable of.

2017 Kia Cadenza Interior

2017 Kia Cadenza Interior
Its interior is where nothing but the best lies. The leather seats act as a haven for comfort ability and relaxation. They were designed well enough to cater for such needs. It took the expertise of world’s best innovators to come up with such a treasured machine. It is created in such a way that it can repel unnecessary noise not forgetting vibrations. Instead, it makes one get lost in the world of tranquility and escape from the hustle and bustle of the outside.

Here is a great video that highlights some if the interior features of the new 2017 Kia Cadenza.

Panoramic View Enabled
The car has a specific feature that comes in handy during wild safaris. It is not only inclined for that purpose; who said one can’t peek out in it for some fresh air? Besides, they can be closed if need be and opened back for ventilation if the windows can’t supply you enough air.

Warmed Seats
We all know how shivery we look when cold strikes us. We even go as far as cuddling to generate heat. With 2017 Kia Credenza, one cannot go to such limits since the seats are modified to generate heat. Isn’t that genius? This in turn ensures a warmer interior and during cold days allows circulation of air to get rid of the humid air.

Engine Specifications
Its engine is that of a V6 3.3 liter with an estimate of 290 hp, 253 lb ft of peak torque. It also comes with a powerful automated gearbox. The 2017 Kia Cadenza get around 19 to 10 mpg in the city and a respectable 28 mpg on the highway.

In Conclusion
With the state of the art manufacturing, 2017 Kia Credenza will give you no reason to regret for acquiring such a car. Its powerful engine, sleek exterior and a cozy interior, what more does one need from such a car apart from these excellent features. In many ways, it is a superb car that is worth every penny you will spend.

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Why do we all love Corvettes so much? The corvette is really the sports car for everybody. When it was first introduced to the world in 1953 it wasn’t a luxury car that was only accessible to the richest people. Sure, it was expensive but it was within reach of so many Americans. That’s why it has earned it’s staying power in the automotive industry. It wasn’t a car built just for me either, there are many women who dreamed of making a Corvette their first car and they made it a reality. They have earned their place in history.

For many people, convertibles just make the stress melt away. Ever since my son Colten took his first ride in a Corvette when he was a child, he always wanted to be sitting behind the drivers seat. If I was working in the garage and lost track of him the first place I always looked was behind the wheel.

Cars have always been the American social status symbol. Many people want a way to show the world and their neighbors that you are a success. That’s why Corvette owners keep their cars polished and shiny.

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